Why us?

We have specially re-engineered our hospital-grade infection control technology for commercial facilities because of the current pandemic. Increased commercial disinfection has given rise to new challenges:

• Disinfection Related Poisonings have 2X in Canada- Health Canada

• Increased use of common disinfectants can lead to allergies, asthma, cancer etc- NCCEH

• 68% of human diseases are caused by indoor air- EPA

• COVID stays in the air for several hours and on the surface for several days - CDC

That's why we designed our own natural and non-toxic solutions for commercial facilities in Canada. Our proprietary and patented solutions are backed by science and enable complete disinfection of air and surfaces. By deploying our systems and protocols, your facility qualifies for our certification program, so you can showcase your commitment to safety to your staff and customer.

"I have been very impressed with the quality of service given by BAIOTEQ.. and everyone is very comfortable with the process given by BAIOTEQ.. I would highly recommend this service..It is important we do everything we can to keep our members safe and healthy.."

Heather Acker
Facility Director & Co-Owner, ConnexionWorks

About Us

Dennie James


At BAIOTEQ, our mission is to bridge human and artificial intelligence to advance infection control and improve healthcare quality. The company was founded with the primary goal of helping Canadians and the rest of the world prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We're creating innovative infection control solutions that will continue to improve lives even after the pandemic is over. Our team constantly investigates scientific literature to develop and improve our novel solutions. Our R&D is done under the guidance of our experts which include Canada's leading researchers like our medical science advisor Dr. Keith Brunt and our research partners like the University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie University and IMPART.